Spotify has me in my feelings

I am currently listening to a playlist from the 2000 – RnB to be exact and it has me in my feelings like majorrr. I thought I would check up on my poor excuse of a blog and maybe update it a bit. So basically I decieded that it was in my best intrest to take the year off and apply to my masters next year. This would now remove it from my 2017 list technically, but technically it would still remain becuase im using this year to apply and hopefully be accepted in 2018! That would totally make my life, because it would validate alot of the hard work I have been doing lately. I also got basically straight A- and one B+ trust me that B+ was like basically an A to me because I worked sooo hard! God knows that class took everything in me. Although looking back these are the classes you never forget and the ones that teach you the most. In the moment I hate it but after I apperciate it. Regardless aside from this much else has not changed, I guess if you dont actively try to change, nothing much will really change. I’m still very single and in school and lastly my social life is not saying alot. But im working to change this during the summer, I am looking forward to alot more free time.

Update #2 – I did say one word to my sibling though so this is progress hopefully the next time I remember I have this I will have had a whole conversation. I just hope that the people around me also see the changes that need to occur in their lives in order for them to actually achieve the great things that I know they can. I just want everyone around me to win just like me.

Also I want to take this opportunity to congratulate myself on a hard year that paid off, and to encourage myself to never give up on me and to keep working hard. Half-ass work is not an option at all!

Honestly this post is so irrevlant but I wanted to document a couple jumbled thoughts and maybe add on to them later..

Also still hoping to receive a new car 🙂

Untill then



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