Two days before the NEW YEAR! 2016

I feel like somehow i find myself remembering to note down my thoughts and feelings days before new year. How this year has flown is crazy. I last reported i was 22 in toronto and struggling with school and finding a man. Well I’m now 23! yayyyyy and I’ve graduated university!! another yayy but sadly I’m still single and okay with it. I was rereading my old posts and truly feel the anger and sorrow i was while writing those posts. Since then I’ve just been keeping my head down working and taking some much needed time for myself before i go back to school eventually. I want this time to be because i want to not because i have to. I lost a lot of people from my life and have truly come to understand its not the amount of people you know but the quality of the few that matter. I no longer feel like the odd man out and can be open and honest with people.

I want this year to be even better then last year! I need for me to get straight A and live! FIND A MAN! DUH that will not change. Make my momma proud, i need to work hard now so that she wont have to work anymore. I want to better myself in all aspects and stop making excuses for my procrastination. I need to stop delaying things and making excuses and just do it.

i have big hopes and dreams for this year and i only hope that they all come true and that my nights continue to end with laughter and joy :))))


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