Living in the moment!

I started this thinking that i would post everyday and keep on this and make it something i do often. But i have come to the realization that you can’t actually write everyday because somedays i just like to mosh on nextflix for hours. Last i left i wrote some pretty heavy shit but to be honest it helped me a lot getting that off my chest. So since then i just decided to write whenever i have the over whelming need to just write and not filter myself. Its not like talking to your friends even though this is public its still private to me. I love the concept of writing and knowing you can always go back and see where you where three or four months ago. Thats kinda why i love twitter but anyway i always get to writing about why i like the idea of blogging.

So yeah reflection on my life atm, well I’m working hard to graduation and its a daily struggle to actually be motivated and stay focused i want nothing more then to make my family happy and i know i can do it if i just put my mind to it but its hard trying to live in the moment and also think of the future. Living in the moment is what i try to do but i don’t want these moments thats are fun to not amount to much in terms of my future. But i also don’t want to look back and regret not living in the moment. UGH! do you see the struggle.. but i guess this is called growing! Im just trying to remind myself that all this school was worth it! This time next year i will be doing something amazing with my life and this is just right now! I’m not working for right now I’m working for tomorrow but i also make sure to leave time for me and have stress free nights 🙂

But being from toronto i have to ask like have you heard that new DRAKE THOUGH! It is awesome you have to represent that 6 if you from toronto. A lot of people in the industry to don’t understand drake because they aren’t from toronto and don’t feel that certain connection. This mixtape is the TORNTO ANTHEM! I can hear my city from the beats, to the flow, to the slang, to the message! Honestly i can’t express my love for this mixtape any more then i already have! Just cop that still you won’t regret it. Honestly I’m bi-polar and you will see this in my writing. But but but i also watched THE DUFF and i was looking forward to that and it was actually so great! I read the book and as many of the people who read the book understand, the movie and book are vastly different. Each is still great in its own right, i honestly enjoyed it and i think if you are into that you should check it out! ANYONE WHO HAS SEEN IT MESSAGE ME!